Marijuana the healthiest poison.

Besides being the American center of attention, Marijuana has proven to be the most versatile plant in the world.
Placed in our hands by the holy powers of mother nature Marijuana has a great numbers of uses; it’s used for treating cancer, glaucoma , aids , even mental illnesses  and of course… Gets you high!

The only problem with marijuana in Puerto Rico it’s  getting it. You may have to risk your life , or even your freedom, by entering public residences that some people may consider dangerous, or if the police caugh you with 2 grams or more you could go to jail. Who cares going to jail? Three foods a day, don’t have to get a job, plus lots of drama, it’s like having Pay Per View.

It’s a fact that 98 millions of Americans use Marijuana and 158 million all around the world, that’s like a 4% of the world population and the source doesn’t say how many parents of those users have used, which we know they did, the 70’s have a very kinky reputation.

Marijuana is now being medicated to people suffering from different kinds of sicknesses like A.D.D , anorexia and stupidity. I’ve seen people that in the past were total jerks and now they smoke weed, listen to Bob Marley and have dread locks. The only thing that has become a problem to me is that a lot of young people ages 18 to 25 are smoking Marijuana and even thou it’s a personal choice I worry that younger kids are taking it as a youth thing.

Well kids, you don’t need Marijuana to be young , wild and free , heck you don’t even need alcohol , the only thing you need is money, a car , a house and some nyquil.


The goverment made it illegal apparently because it’s effect, but that’s another lie! The goverment banned Marijuana since Hemp can be used to make all sorts of thing. From Clothes to paper to almost anything. A lot of companies during WW2 made a lot of pressure to goverment to ban it, and of course the goverment banned it, they don’t want to make their friends poor.

So people, you should make sure who your friends are and start smoking weed on a daily basis, only if you are 18 or older and if you want. Don’t let people make you do things you don’t want and be free and happy. People that smoke are and you should too.



Puerto Rico

Some of the United States citizens were not appealed by the fact that a Puerto Rican had won the powerball lottery which is the official U.S. lottery.
Some of them even made comments on the topic which were not insulting, they rather were ignorant.

I write this not to retaliate nor nothing similar, I just know that the only way to end ignorance is with knowledge and so I decided to write this to my fellow brothers and sisters from the United States.

Puerto Rico has been a U.S territory since 1898 when the U.S took it from the control of the Spaniards, now we are an commonwealth affiliated with the United States. That means we don’t have a army, but Puerto Ricans can enlist to the U.S. army, we have U.S. citizenship, we get Federal scholarships and many federal aids like any other state. 

Some of the comments made by some Twitter users were very wrong like one that said we gave nothing back to the U.S. We are a turistic and strategic location for the United States and this is what my fellow Puerto Ricans fill their mouth with. But besides that we give more money back to the U.S.A than what they give us and that means that the trade between the U.S. and P.R works.

I have some data on the fact even thou it’s in spanish and it’s from 2008, i’ll translate it but is mostly a summary.

The info says that in 2008 Puerto Rico received 13 thousand millions from the U.S and that we returned 51.1 thousand billion which means that the U.S. had a 44.2 thousand millions in net earnings which it’s pretty self explanatory.

So, yes we give back to the United States, apart from not havin a free market trade and being a turistical and strategical location for the United States.

The article’s title is translated to English as The myth of dependence, if you want to read it use a translator. And if you have a question feel free to ask me.